Andrew is one of the most experienced author-performers in the UK, having undertaken thousands of performances over more than 26 years of school, library, and festival visits all around the world. Visits are tailored according to age/key stage/audience size and can accommodate large audiences, mixed ages as well as family audiences.

His author events are very lively, dynamic and interactive yet also thought-provoking. He aims to strike a balance between ludicrous humour and lyrical pathos with an energetic one-man show that brings literacy alive. It features a mix of performance poetry, stand up comedy, interactive readings from his fiction alongside awesome didgeridoo playing and even juggling. This can be followed by book signing and a possible separate question and answer session and workshops. 

Please  use the Arrange A Visit form below for availability and fees. Andrew can also email information about the books he uses for each age group.

"A wonderful performance show. The best I’ve seen in over thirty years as a teacher. The children and teachers were enthralled.” John Hughes, Head, Victoria Junior School, Wrexham

“Your visit was a great success and the students seem to have been bowled over. It was fascinating to watch the delighted reactions of the Geography and History teachers who came to the first show. They are not used to being entertained like that. I enjoyed your performances more than ever; really moving this year. Thank you so, so much.Henrietta Butler, Librarian, St Peter’s RC School, Gloucester

"I thought he was spot on with his use of humour and emotion.  Powerful stuff.  Worth every penny" Mr. Graham Best, Headteacher, Licensed Victuallers School

"Just a quick but large thank-you for all your hard work at our school. All the feedback was extremely positive and there was a lovely buzz about the school all week. Two of my pupils banged heads in the playground as their eyes were buried in a certain "Mad, Bad and Dangerously Haddock" poetry book! They have asked if they can do poetry performances in class this week "just like Andrew did"! Thanks again for all your vibrancy and inspiration,from all at Bomere Heath!" Chloe Spiers

"The poet was really brilliant.  It was great to have someone real and truthful"
Jasmin, Year 9

“You were funnier than Russel Howard” Year 7 pupil, St Peter’s High School, Gloucester

"We had a great reaction from the kids to the performance. It was so energetic, enthusiastic and great fun - absolutely superb. They were still buzzing days later." Nick Le Mesurier, Les Beaucamps High School, Guernsey

"Thanks again for a brilliant day yesterday!  The pupils and staff have been stopping me in the corridor all morning to tell me how much they enjoyed it! What a massive inspiration Andrew is to us all... his amazing ability with words has motivated us all to get writing! I have never seen so many pupils laugh so hard... lots of them had tears streaming down their faces!" Miss Mary Rhodes, Head of English, Walkwood CofE Middle School

"I didn't think that I would enjoy Poetry Day but it was brilliant!  I used to think that I couldn't do poetry, but now I know that I can." Year 7 pupil, Walkwood School

"Everything you did was inspirational, entertaining and professional."
Charlene Gethin, Head Teacher, All Saint's CE Primary, Rangemore

"Many thanks for your visit. The children and staff have spoken of nothing else since and you truly inspired us all!"
Lucy Mills, English Co-ordinator, Whitnash Primary School

"The things you write about are fantastic. You could seriously make it as a GOOD comedian. The poem about your brother was well sweet. I'd love to read more of your books seeing as the one I've read now is excellent."
Danielle and Ollie, Year 8 Pupils, Westfield Secondary School, Watford

"I had to write and say thank you once again for the fabulous performance you put on at Kings Langley. Both kids and staff have been talking about it ever since, and the corridors are filled with lounging kids reading copies of Poems With Attitude {no kidding!}. We had a stampede of excited kids claiming their signed copies yesterday, and every book of your has gone out on loan from the library. What better affirmation can you have than that?"
Barber Turner, Librarian, Kings Langley Secondary School

"This is just a quick note to say how fantastic it was, what a brilliant morning we all had and just what a huge impact you have made on our year 10's. I can't thank you enough."
Suzie Almond, Hatherly Centre Gloucester Reintegration Unit

"Thank you for coming to Wigan and performing at the four high schools. Your performances were entertaining and thought-provoking. We were impressed by your ability to relate to young people and use humour as a tool to broach more serious subject matter."
Lisa Cameron, Rita Hacket, Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust

"Thank you for a fantastic visit. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the performance and those in the workshops were equally enthusiastic. It was an inspiring day for pupils and staff!"
Veronica Raymond, St Christopher School

"Thank you for the wonderful sessions. The pupils are still talking about your visit. I think your juggling and musical skills were appreciated as much as your poetry."
John Grunden, Librarian, Monk's Walk School

"The issues you discussed were invaluable. Your presentation was the best PHSE session I have ever witnessed."
Jean Smedley, Deputy Head, Streetly School

"Thank you so much for your amazing efforts. The whole place was buzzing with poetry and the impact you made will I'm sure be long lasting. Once you had left, the scene in the staffroom was amazing…virtually everyone sitting reading your books!"
Steve Blackman, Head, Great Alne Primary School

"Andrew Fusek Peters created a wonderful atmosphere throughout the school on the day he came and for the whole of poetry week that followed. Children and staff were excited by his performances and workshops, which provided entertainment and provoked thought on a number of levels, allowing everyone to be included. " Nikki Hay, Head, Greenacres School, Shrewsbury

 "Not having many memories of my time at the Lord Silkin school, I was very surprised when your name popped in to my head. I looked you up on the internet and have managed to get hold of some of your books for my own children, which they adore. I can remember what a brilliant workshop you gave at my school all those years ago and I want to thank you for inspiring me and for now going on to inspire my children. Thank you."
Mrs Emma Atkinson

"A very big thank you for the superb day of poetry and musical entertainment! Staff and children took a lot away from the day and I have had loads of very positive comments. You made quite an impression!!! You have even managed to inspire a year 4 boy who isn't very keen on reading and whose mother is desperately trying to find something that will interest him. She offered him any book and he wants one of your poetry books. Now that is impressive!"
Hilary Brimson, Hollywood Primary School, Birmingham

"Andrew is without a doubt the most outstanding poet you could get to work with students in school and I recommend him without reservation. He engaged EVERY student - boys and girls - and brought out the poet in each and every one of them. The only bad thing about his visit to our school a few years ago was the fact it had to end - and the money I've had to invest in so many copies of the Poems and Plays with attitude to keep up with demand - even 2 years on. One word of warning - he is sure to have a very hectic calendar and should be booked early!"
Eileen Armstrong, LRC manager, Cramlington High School

"Your work and your performance were a great inspiration to the boys."
Louse Ellis Barrat, Dulwich College

"Thank you for coming to St Giles. You were inspirational! In particular, it was great to have such an enthusiastic male role model for the boys, who weren't overly keen on poetry previously. By the end of our poetry fortnight, there was a real poetic buzz about the place"
Kate Linnel, St Giles CE primary School

"Wow! What can I say? Your visit was super. Both teachers and children have said how much they enjoyed your performance and workshop."
Lucy May, Henry Hinde Junior School

"Invite Andrew into your school and cover National Curriculum programmes of study through sheer creative enjoyment!"
Myfanwy Hill-Smith, Infant Headteacher

"This project was a significant life event for my child. He 's gone into secondary school now and in terms of his language work, it gave him so much confidence. It was a real breakthrough. "
Parent quoted in Artists in Schools, An Ofsted Review

"I have just come out of your workshop you have just done at Malvern Collge. Thank you so much for such a funny and inspiring presentation! It made us all laugh so much Your workshop has made me see how easily poetry can be written and how it doesn't always have to be about 'Daffodils'! I look forward to reading the books I bought and checking out the CD! Thanx Again!
Hannah Campbell, pupil, Malvern College