• Skateboard Detectives Diamonds Are For Evil
  • Orchard
  • 10/1/2008
  • 978-1-84616-608-2
  • $5.99

Skateboard Detectives Diamonds Are For Evil

Four teenagers with extreme skills. San can hack into anything, Ben is a superb free-runner. Charlie, she's a supreme athlete and Break is the skateboarding king.

The Skateboard Detectives are on the trail of a missing diamond, but they're not the only ones. It's going to take some tight moves and death defying free-running to keep one step ahead of the ruthless jewel thieves...

My research took me to a family friend who is a diamond dealer in Hatton Garden. At one point during my visit, I held a diamond worth half a million in the palm of my hand! I also skated loads {including injuries} in the name of research, dropping vert at 43 and getting tweaked rock-fakies, 50-50s and other moves. Though after a nasty ankle ligament tear, I finally put my deck in the shed.

This exciting second title in the series also published in Germany, Hungary, Norway and Poland.

"The Skateboard Detectives are back - they are four teenagers all with extreme skills - San can hack into anything, Ben is a free-runner, Charlie a supreme athlete and Break a skateboard king, all of which they use to good effect in this adventure. These intrepid teenagers are set on the trail of a missing diamond by Ms Reliza, an old friend of Ben's Mum. The problem is there appear to be other people after it too - and the others are hardened criminals!
The Skateboard Detectives have to use all their skills to try to get the diamond in the first place, then all their wiles to hold onto it and get it to it's rightful owner - which isn't nearly as straightforward as it at first appears. The novel is set at a breakneck pace, the whole thing taking place within the space of two days - each chapter identifies the time of each part of the action exactly.
This book is described as a high-adrenalin read, and it certainly keeps you gripped and wanting to know what happens next. There is quite a lot of violence as the teenagers meet and defeat the criminals - and some very graphic, dangerous stunts as they use their skills to escape. It all adds up to a very filmic adventure story that will appeal to readers in search of thrill."

"Diamonds Are For Evil is the second instalment of the Skateboard Detectives series. In this story, the four teenage friends are helping an old family friend of Ben's recover a missing diamond. Their extreme skills are needed to help them stay one step ahead of the villans. As in the first book, the story starts in the middle of the action as our friends break in to a diamond shop.

The high-energy pace keeps up throughout. The background to the story, and the reason for the break-in, is revealed after the opening theft. This time there is a feud with a local bully to add extra colour and dimension to the story. The author's knowledge of skateboarding and the other skills makes the action scenes exciting, fast-paced and believable. The various threads are all neatly tied up by the end of the book. The book is an interesting adventure read with good characters that will satisfy readers and leave them wanting more."