• Poems With Attitude+Uncensored
  • 12+
  • Wayland
  • 2/1/2008
  • 978-0-7502-5217-1
  • $5.99

Poems With Attitude+Uncensored

A great value volume which brings together two highly successful best-selling books. Friends, families, school, love, sex, booze and bullying - these rhymes, rhythms, raps and rants deal with PHSE issues for teenagers in both a sensitive and humourous way. Many of the poems have been recorded for Andrew and Polly's CD via the Poetry Archive, and the first title in this omnibus was nominated for the Carnegie medal. More info on the CD here.

"One of the problems with poetry I find is that it is difficult to ensure that it is read. Generally, requests for poetry in the LRC are preceded by "I've got to find a…" and never an indication that they might enjoy it once they found it. Buy this collection and it will be read. Read by staff and teachers to pupils and then read by pupils themselves for both the pain and pleasure the poems induce. The collection is divided into themes of Snogging, Friends, Family, Bullying, Sexuality, Booze and Drugs. Each section begins with a dictionary definition of that theme. As soon as I pulled it out of the package and saw the title, I started to read and I didn't stop until it was removed from me because we were late. I read sections out loud to my husband, saying 'listen to this, 'this is brilliant' and 'I can't wait to try it out'. It sat on the settee and I couldn't resist the temptation to pick it up and read again, dipping in and out of it, reading aloud. I took it into work and, before it was catalogued, read bits to my colleagues. Pupils overheard as they came into the LRC. They then had 'just a quick look' and read bits to each other when they were supposed to be working. I cannot emphasise how much every school needs this - in the library, in the classroom, for assembly, for tutorials, for PHSE, left on windowsills for the pupils to pick up - everywhere. As well as brilliant in themselves, the poems are the ideal starting point for all those awkward conversations that you know you must have, but don't know how to start - the ones on bullying, sex and drugs. In fact, I cannot emphasise how much every teenager needs this, "
School Librarian

"Superb." School Library Association

"Poems With Attitude is bursting with the raw emotion and hormone-fuelled experimentation of youth and explores the nice and nasty side of adolescence… It is rare and welcome to find a collection that speaks so directly to teenagers."
Mary Byrne, The Guardian

“gems that make you think about real issues”
The Daily Telegraph