• Animals Aboard
  • 2-7
  • Jim Coplestone
  • Frances Lincoln
  • 3/1/2007
  • 9781845075828
  • 9781845079598
  • $10.99
  • $6.99

Animals Aboard

This delightful picture book all about a bunch of animals having a party on board a train {with sound effects!} is illustrated by Jim Coplestone. It was inspired by our son Asa {then aged 4} who loved anything to do with trains and knew the sounds of all the animals. Jim's illustrations are quite magical. Paperback now out. Published in both UK and USA. A Korean version has just come out.

"With its joyful rhymes and rhythms this is a treat for some energetic reading aloud and is likely to encourage audience participation."
The Bookseller

"Clamber aboard the train with a musical accompaniment of mooing cows, quacking ducks, a neighing horse and a squealing pig. With a rhyming text that dances across the page, gaining momentum as the ‘clackety clack’ of the train gets faster and faster, until their evening ends with a moonlit serenade and a trainful of snoozing animals.  A lively romp with a soothing finale. "

"This engaging, rollicking story-in-verse has a number of animals (duck, cat, pig, horse, and so on) clambering aboard a steam train as it trundles along the track.  There’s a cacophony of musical instruments and creatures’ noise as the onboard party gets into full swing.  There are also a lot of sounds here for children to join in with (miaows, neighs, quacks, clucks, moos and squeals).   Jim Copplestone’s colourfully energetic illustrations add to the atmosphere of madcap, train-tootling action.  A story that is certain to be requested again and again when read-aloud to four and five year olds.  But be warned: it could get very noisy!"
Wes Magee, Child Education

"Prolific author Peters teams up with Coplestone for this toddler-friendly frolic. A sort of traveling McDonald's Farm, the jolly train makes its way through hills, tunnels, farms and villages, accumulating animal passengers at every stop. Through the course of the day, the animals dance and sing, all in rhyme, leading up to evening and bedtime. By the end of the day, the animals are all asleep, counting sheep, exhausted from their jubilee. Alliterative text with plenty of familiar animal sounds will without doubt encourage the lively participation of young listeners. Text placement within the illustrations creates the illusion of movement and rhythm. Coplestone's illustrations are a worthy accompaniment to the vibrant text, with the noise and chaos it implies. Lots of fun, and a storytime must. "
Kirkus Reviews

"Combining the skills of the didgeridoo playing author and poet Andrew Fusek Peters and illustrator Jim Coplestone has resulted in a simple, lively and fun picture book, which is perfect for sharing with a young audience. As the story starts the train is empty. It choo choo’s along the track and soon picks up its first passenger – Cow who jumps aboard with a ‘Moo! Moo! Moo!’ He is soon joined by Duck, Horse, Pig, Hen and Cat. All the animals have a musical instrument with them -- ask your audience if they can identify which one and even make the sounds -- very soon there is a party underway.
Fusek Peters has cleverly found a way of combining the sounds of the animals and the sounds of their instruments to create a  lyrical sing-song text, suitably enhanced with large fonts and vibrant illustration. This is a wonderful story for children to read alone or share with friends.
Parents and teachers could read the book at home or in school, encouraging children to sing along, make the sounds and even create a party train of their own. Perfect for music lessons – to introduce children to new instruments –- and also encourage them to understand that bedtime comes for us all!"

"A lovely book for reading aloud, with clear, atmospheric illustrations."
Ibby Link

'Adults will have great fun reading this aloud, just as the children will in joining in.' Nursery World