• Ravenwood
  • Chickenhouse
  • 5/1/2011
  • 9781906427467
  • $6.99


RAVENWOOD is a thrilling, evergreen fantasy set in a future where the last refuge of trees on earth is under threat. Meet Ark, a poor plumber’s boy, who overhears a plot to rob his forest island of its precious natural resources, whose secret knowledge plunges him into danger and takes him on the journey of a lifetime. This is the first book in an exciting and dramatic fantasy trilogy.

Ravenwood has been selling very well, both in book form and also available as a BBC Audio Book. It launched in  the US last autumn to excellent reviews with Scholastic. The French, Polish, Spanish and Germian editions have been getting great reviews. Lithuanian version just come in with Brazil about to come out and China and Russia to launch autumn 2012.  Barry Cunningham {The publisher who signed JK Rowling}  is very excited about this  fast-moving fantasy adventure. Microsite and  Ravenwood facebook page are up and running. The next book in the trilogy, The Glass Forest, launches in the UK this August.

'The unique setting, memorable characters, and curious blend of fantasy and science fiction result in an action-filled epic with heart' Publisher's Weekly

'An entertaining tale in the 'eco-punk' genre' Guardian

'This is a powerful fantasy adventure fuelled by an eerie magic written by a dramatic storyteller. Magic, mystery and adventure are tightly fused in this thrilling and original drama.  It's lyrical and thought-provoking, whilst being hugely enjoyable.'
Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading4kids

‘Young, fantasy-loving readers will love this action-packed story.’ Armaddillo

'An action-packed adventure story set in the branches of giant trees; a meticulously imagined civilisation with its own religion and myths; political treachery and intrigue; heroism, and battles to the death: all are features of Andrew Peters’ new novel Ravenwood. No wonder then that it is being described as an epic.' Books For Keeps

“This fantasy adventure has a wonderfully original setting – a mile-high treetop society in the last forest of the future. But it’s a world under threat from evil outside influences who want Ravenwood’s natural resources. It’s humorously told at a cracking pace, exploring deeper themes of ecology, conservation and power.” Bookseller

 "SHOUT IT FROM THE TREETOPS! If you loved AVATAR, you’ll love RAVENWOOD by Andrew Peters. Last time, we gave you a best-selling world deep beneath the earth with Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams’ TUNNELS. Now we swing to the highest treetops. RAVENWOOD is a richly imagined human world, a mile high and hidden behind leaves the size of a fully-grown man, held together by rope, scaffolding and a million iron nails. Andrew has created a world to match the best classic fantasy series – breathtaking in its imaginative detail, almost Shakespearean in its telling, gripping in scope, with real characters embarking on the biggest adventure of their lives with daredevil courage and always a sense of humour.’ Barry Cunningham

'It is an interesting take on the post-apocalyptic fairy tale: the plot arc is well sign-posted, and Ravenwood is an always enjoyable and thought-provoking read.'

'a perfect blend of man versus nature, coming-of-age, action-packed, witty, adventure fantasy.' Library Media Connections {USA}

'Exciting from beginning to end. I reccommend it to all teenagers.' Teen Titles