• Do Not Wake The Devil
  • 11 plus
  • Pearson
  • 978-0435045999
  • $6.99

Do Not Wake The Devil

An exciting horror novel set in the Shropshire hills. Do Not Wake the Devil is part of the HEROES series, created with series editor Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Arthur and his best fiend Yaz live in a tiny village beneath the rocks of the mist-shrouded Devil's Chair, where dark tales are more than mere superstition. Searching for Arthur's missing father, the two encounter strange beasts, a fallen angel and a broken spell, an ancient menace is stirring. It is up to Arthur and Yaz to take the most dangerous journey of their lives, deep into the tunnels under the hills where, in a fantastic and thrilling climax, they must use all they have learnt to confront absolute evil.

"I have just finished reading Do Not Wake The Devil and just wanted to write and tell you that I thought it was a fantastic story.  I loved the blend of legend, adventure and horror and am certain it will go down well with a lot of my readers (not to mention my more reluctant students)!  Anyway, thank you both for continuing to produce such good quality writing for students.  As a school librarian, material like this is so hard to come by and makes my job so much easier.  Keep up tha good work and thanks toboth of you for providing me with a really enjoyable, riveting read!
Paula Ward, Librarian, Robert Mays School

"The National Literacy Trust is very pleased to see the creation of books, such as the HEROES series, which aim to engage with children who are less confident readers. The best way of supporting boys to get reading is for teachers to have access to quality resources which boys can engage with that don't scare them off. By introducing the HEROES series Pearson is actively taking steps to improve literacy skills for children who struggle with their reading levels." Jonathan Douglas, Director - National Literacy Trust.