• The Glass Forest
  • Chickenhouse
  • 978-1906427474
  • $6.99

The Glass Forest

Ark lives a mile up – in the last trees in the world. But Ravenwood faces a new threat by the empire that wants its precious wood. Ark must travel deep into enemy heartland to find out what evil is planned. Awaiting him is a glittering forest of glass skyscrapers, a twisted echo of home. But the wildlife within is infinitely more dangerous...

The exciting sequel to Ravenwood has now launched. The action shifts to the Empire of Maw - an amazing vast country of impossibly twisted and curved glass skyscrapers. Lady Fenestra has used Maw's advanced science to develop a deadly weapon. In five days time at the Winter solstice, death will be unleashed on Arborium. It is up to Ark, Mucum and new found friends in Maw to stop the destruction of all that they hold precious in their tree-top home. The Glass Forest is now also available as a BBC Audio Book, read once again by the fab Richard Mitchely, who brings the world and its characters to life and gives them voice. Click here to take you to the site. The Spanish version is now nearly ready for publication.

'I loved the end of RAVENWOOD, but I just knew the terrible forces of glass and steel were going to seek their revenge on our beloved cast of mighty tree-dwellers. Andrew totally surprised me with his brilliant vision of worlds colliding, though, and some totally amazing pieces of intrigue. This is just awesome!'
Barry Cunningham