• Leaves Are Like Traffic Lights
  • 7+
  • Asa Peters
  • Salt Publishing
  • 5/1/2011
  • 978-1844712779
  • $6.99

Leaves Are Like Traffic Lights

Leaves Are Like Traffic Lights is both a fun and lyrical new poetry collection on the theme of trees, illustrated with wonderful and surreal style by Andrew's son Asa. The book is now published and available on Amazon and from Salt and in bookshops.

There is a selection of both entertaining and more lyrical poems using some of the best of Andrew's material over the last twenty five years alongside new poems written specially. The cover is by new children's illustrator Chris Knight. The publisher Salt are rapidly gaining a name for their quality books and are one of the few houses still bringing out chidren's poetry.

"Andrew Fusek Peters’ poems, like the man himself, have always been great performers — they make you stop and listen. These new poems do all that and more. They make you listen and look, look at the natural world around you. And they leave you thinking when they go."
Philip Gross

"There’s something really alive and exciting about this collection of poems. They race along at a hurtling pace; readers barely have time to catch our breath after being hurled into the air by an overturned sledge before we’re slaloming along on a skateboard. The poems celebrate the exhilaration of the outdoors, the behaviour of birds, the nature of trees, the weather, the seasons, the sun, the moon, the magic of being alive. It’s witty, weird and wonderful."
The Secret Lives Of Poets

"We are loving the poetry work in the book!  I have never seen children so  fired up over poetry." Gareth Kirkpatrick, teacher, Thames Primary School, Blackpool