• Crash
  • 13 Plus
  • DBDA
  • 6/1/2010
  • $7.50


Both a play and a story told in verse, Crash weaves together different voices into a powerful drama in which the best and the worst happens. This accessible text has direct appeal to upper KS3 and KS4 and explores many issues around road safety and consequences. Available from road-safety resource company DBDA. Their new online ordering system and catalogue are not up to date yet, so please contact the company direct - the book is now published and available at £7.50.

Crash can be used for full-length performance by TIE companies, schools or youth theatres. Alternatively, individual scenes/ monologues can be explored practically as stand alone pieces during drama lessons or youth theatre sessions or for examinations. Sections can be used for discussion in English and in PHSE/ Citizenship.

Crash offers a framework for developing the individual and ensemble-based performance skills explored by students for course requirements.
The script is supported by a CD Rom of follow-up ideas, workshop suggestions, rehearsal techniques, information and lesson plans that have all emerged out of practical work undertaken in schools over a number of years, using CRASH as a resource and as a way of exploring issues around the theme of road safety. This will be available from DBDA shortly.

Andrew and Polly Peters are the owners of the performance rights of Crash. Please contact us for permission to perform Crash and will issue you with a performance license subject to payment of the licensing fee. Fees are normally very reasonable. We make our living from our writing and it makes a real difference when schools and other groups buy complete sets instead of photocopying and get the rights to put on a show.

This is an adapation of our verse novel Crash which had superb reviews and nominations:

The original version of Crash was shortlisted for the Stockport Schools Book Award & The North East Book Award, longlisted for the Leicester Book Award and nominated for the Carnegie.  It was a Reading Agency-YouthBoox Recommended read. The Shropshire Road Safety Team  supported various drama projects based round the book.

"The authors have imagined a story behind a bunch of flowers left at the scene of a road accident, and they have done so with force, tenderness, eloquence and economy. The story is mainly told in the voices of the 17-year olds involved and even a circling Buzzard has its say in the sprung rhythms redolent of Hopkins' "The Windhover". Nat, the boy killed in the crash of the title has an adoptive mother who wears her dead son's shirt till the scent of him is gone. She cannot throw out the half pizza from the fridge that he left for the later that was taken from him. Her pain is made into a tumbling list of a sentence: "No one will ever call me mum again." The story not only captures tragedy, but also the agony of not knowing how to be, the helpless and ecstatic obsession of new love, and the healing power of friendship. It is original to its core in both telling and the tale - it should be read and discussed in classrooms and common rooms up and down the land."
Jo Klace, director of the National Literacy Association in the TES

"A remarkably accessible verse novel, Crash follows both the growth of first love and the effects, on all the protagonists, of a dreadful car crash. Teenage music features strongly in the setting and the plot. The pages throng with a variety of verse forms, voices and emotions. The tone changes from tender and funny to morally thoughtful and very sad, yet there is also hope of recovery."
The Bookseller

"A moving collection of poems dealing with the issue of road accidents. The book has three main characters ages 16 and 17 and details their lives from 31 may until 25 August. In this time we hear about adoption, death of a parent, sex and farming. The poems are written from varying perspectives of the characters, each identified by a different font. Till page 63 when even the fonts go into shock. The form and changing perspectives pull you rapidly into this novel. Crash is a good, deceptively quick and easy read, that winds you emotionally into the lives of these three teenagers and the drama that is unfolding."
Books For Keeps

"What makes this book distinctive is that the whole story of first love and loss is told in verse with a variety of narrative voices and poetic styles. The pace is fast, the emotions raw and the narrative voices ring true. The pace and tone of the novel serve to grab the attention of the reader."
School Librarian

"From a set of fairly convention circumstances, the authors succeed in creating a story which many teenagers should find genuinely relevant to their lives."
The Irish Times

"This heart-wrenching tale of road abuse is brought vividly alive through the poems. It is a rich, thought provoking read."
Northern Echo

"Refreshing and new and unlike anything I had read before."
Teen Titles