• The No No Bird
  • 3-7
  • Jim Coplestone
  • Frances Lincoln
  • 6/1/2008
  • 978-1-84507-810-2
  • 978-1-845780-067-1
  • $11.99
  • $6.99

The No No Bird

A lovely picture book all about a bird who loves to say 'No!" The second in the series which began with Animals Aboard. Now out in paperback. A lovely Czech edition now available 'Neptacek' and rights sold to Korea and Thailand.

"The No-No Bird is a winner if you're stuck in that phase where every question you ask elicits a negative. The No-No Bird changes his catchphrase when he discovers that no one wants to play with him. Oh, and he nearly gets eaten by a snake. The latter fate is unlikely to befall your little one, but the message may hit home." Independent on Sunday 

"Great fun and vibrant illustrations make this an engaging new take on the wide-mouth frog joke." Bookseller highlight

"This lovely rhyming text should appeal to younger children who just love to say 'no'."
Nursery World

"With colourful illustrations by Jim Coplestone, this is just the book for No-No toddlers."
Irish Examiner

"The No-No’s favourite word is No! – that is until he meets the starving snake whose
favourite food is No-No Bird. A simple narrative poem for young readers that might
also be of use to parents dealing with feisty children who adore saying no. The
rhymes are fun and the plot, though not hugely original, will no doubt keep
younger readers guessing as to just how the bird escapes a sticky end. A perfect
book for reading aloud and also to encourage independent reading. Age 3+ [EW]"
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