• Skateboard Detectives Priceless
  • Orchard
  • 6/1/2008
  • 9781846166075
  • $5.99

Skateboard Detectives Priceless

Four teenagers with extreme skills. San can hack into anything. Charlie's been developing her circus skills since she could walk. Ben is a superb free-runner and Break, he's the skateboarding king.

Their skills were acquired for fun, but now, caught up in a fast and furious adventure involving a gang of dangerous criminals, San, Charlie, Ben and Break will need to use all their abilities just to survive. Thrilling fiction aimed at 9-14.

This is the first thriller in an exciting series. Research got me back into skating for a couple of years, travelling to skateparks up and down the UK, dropping vert at 43 and pulling some nice lip tricks until injury forced a proper retirement. The second in the series, Diamonds Are For Evil, is also available. Rights sold to Germany, Hungary, Norway and Poland.

"When a world-famous Faberge egg is stolen, ex-con Danny Cooper is the immediate number one suspect. And when planted forensic evidence is found at the scene, it's all the police need to make an arrest. But Danny's going straight. He's been framed. And the Skateboard Detectives are going to prove it. San can hack into anything, Ben is a peerless free-runner, Break is superb on a skateboard and Charlie, well, might be a year younger than the others, but she's a superb athlete and Danny's daughter, so she even more determined to crack the case.
The ensuing adventure sees them plan heists and prison break outs, impersonate Russian antique specialists, meet up with master forgers and make a rather worrying acquaintance with London's sewers. And that's before we even mention the baddies.
Priceless! is a very entertaining London adventure novel hitting all the right notes in terms of tween coolness. Parkour, skateboarding and gymnastics give our junior sleuths the edge over the nasty, greasy, fat criminals and there's barely time to take a breath, there's so much action going on. The goodies are good, the baddies are bad (and ugly) but there are one or two characters in between, preventing it from slipping into comic book territory. The chase to prove Danny's innocence is fairly straightforward but it is jolly exciting and extremely attractive. Confident readers of mid primary age will approach it as easily as the more reluctant readers in the early secondary years. It's good stuff."

"This is an exciting, brand new series. The second instalment, Diamonds Are For Evil, has also recently been released. Priceless is a fast-paced action read with a twist. It’s not an ordinary adventure – it follows a team of four teens with some excellent street skills. Between them they are experts at skateboarding (Break), free-running (Ben), hacking into all kinds of computers (Sanjay) and circus style skills (Charlie).

 Charlie’s proud of her dad being on the straight and narrow again, she’s certain he’s put his safe-cracking days behind him. When he comes in from a late night with no clue where he’s been and the police turn up, accusing him of stealing an expensive Fabergé egg, Charlie calls in the her friends to help snoop around.

The team are up against it: dangerous villains and evidence against Charlie’s dad that no one can refute.  But they have people on their side too, and an egg with a special secret to find. This is a new approach to adventures and crime, combining a great read and interesting characters – you’ll even become jealous of their skills by the end of it!"

"A slim, pacy novel which, chapter by chapter, moves backwards and forwards over the events of an action-packed month in the lives of four streetwise teenagers. Loyalty and friendship emerge as the underlying strengths of the young characters, determined to unravel the truth behind the Faberge scam. Peters creates engaging role models, and menacing villains, and produces a novel with far greater depths than might at first be anticipated. Along the way he makes some interesting historical connections, and proves how effectively cinematographic flashback techniques can be used in narrative. A book to inspire young readers."