The effective way of saving electricity is the compensation of reactive power in place

2021-03-12  598

Motor is a large range of power equipment in factory enterprises, and also the main inductive electrical equipment in low voltage power grid. When the motor is working, the reactive power loss caused by electromagnetic conversion accounts for more than 70% of the reactive power loss in the low voltage electric wave. In order to reduce the reactive power loss and improve the power factor of the motor, the state issued the compulsory national standard for the economic operation of three-phase asynchronous motor. The enterprise should reasonably install reactive power compensation to make the power factor reach more than 90%. After the local compensation of reactive power is reasonably implemented. The enterprise can obtain obvious economic benefits.

Save energy and reduce the cost of electricity. If a company uses a 315KVA distribution transformer, the power rate adjustment fee of the enterprise with comprehensive power factor of 0.8 shall be increased by 2.5%; if it is increased to more than 0.96, the power cost shall be reduced by 1.1%. Obviously, the power cost will be reduced by about 3.6% after the power fixed number is increased.

Improve the load capacity of power supply equipment and save the power supply discount. Taking 315KVA transformer as an example, in the case of power factor of 0.8, only 252kw active load can be taken. If with the expansion of production planning. The capacity of transformer is becoming more and more insufficient. If 40kW of equipment is added to production, a 50KVA distribution transformer must be added. Only the subsidy for power supply is up to 20000 yuan. In addition, the equipment purchase cost and installation cost will be added, and the enterprise investment will reach RMB 40000-50000. If the capacitor can be equipped with reactive power compensation capacitor 20kvar, the power factor can be increased to more than 0.92, and the original transformer can carry the power load of 290Kw, which basically meets the needs of new equipment. The cost of purchasing and installing reactive compensation equipment is less than 10000 yuan. It can save a lot of money for the enterprise. Please log in: transmission and distribution equipment network for more information

Reduce the voltage drop of the line, improve the power supply quality and extend the service life of the electric appliances. After the compensation device is adopted, the current of the motor distribution line can be reduced by 10-20% and the voltage at the equipment end can be increased by about 5%, which has obvious benefits for the improvement of the service life and product quality of the electric appliances.

It is proved that the technology of local reactive power compensation of asynchronous motor is not only a new technology which is energy saving, high efficiency and easy to realize, but also can improve the power factor of enterprises, reduce the reactive current of distribution lines, reduce losses and improve the power supply quality. Improve the efficiency of the motor and the output of the power supply equipment. It is an effective measure to increase the number of one stone, and should be popularized and implemented in the factory enterprises as soon as possible.