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Children's Authors

Andrew Fusek Peters and Polly Peters have written and edited over 110 books, many critically acclaimed, with rights and co-editions sold worldwide. Their books have been translated into 17 languages. These include poetry collections, picture books, storybooks, anthologies, plays, radio plays, graphic novels, verse novels and fiction. 

Their play, The Man Who Turned Into A Sofa, on the theme of depression, recently aired on the Radio 4 afternoon play slot. "This was so powerful, so economical, so completely honest, each of the characters laying themselves bare, without pretence or excuse, it had me hooked from start to finish and then I had to listen to it again to catch the phrases that rang so true." Kate Chisholm, the Spectator.

Titles include Andrew's nature writing memoir Dip, a year of Wild Swims and Stories from the Borderlands, published by Rider Books {Random House}. Dip featured in You Magazine, Radio 4 Midweek 'A lyrical book' Libby Purves, and on the BBC One Show.  "The writing is beautiful, and it is clear that the author loves words as much as he loves water. Indeed, there are moments when words and water fuse together" Independent.

‘Dip tells of a total immersion in Nature, a courageous trust in its restorative powers and an authentic experience of the wild. This is a damn good read.’ Paul Evans, Guardian Country Diarist

Further info can be found on Andrew's new website for photography and writing for adults www.andrewfusekpeters.com.

Polly & Andrew's children's picture book on the theme of family depression, The Colour Thief, illustrated by the excellent Karin Littlewood, is published by Wayland in association with SANE. 'I would wholeheartedly recommend this; it is honest, compassionate and soothing' Read It Daddy. They have written ten trickster folk tales from around the world, with ten superb illustrators for IB International. Andrew's eco fantasy thriller Ravenwood, and its sequel The Glass Forest, are published with Chicken House and 15 countries world wide. 'No wonder it is being described as an epic,' Books For Keeps. Also available as a BBC audio book.  Andrew's poetry collection Leaves Are Like Traffic Lights is out with Salt. Andrew and Polly's Shropshire set horror novel Do Not Wake The Devil is out with Pearson.Their poetry is represented on the Poetry Archive.